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Top 10 Masters Degrees You Can Study Abroad in 2021 | Gradway

September 14, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Various master’s degree courses are being offered worldwide that you can take up, and most of them are in English instruction. Based on annual statistics, over 500,000 international students have finished a Master’s degree course. And most of them usually choose courses that focus on team projects, independent research, and intensive study.

This article is intended to share some insight on what graduate degrees you can achieve when you study abroad. Here’s the top 10 list of graduate degree courses that international students choose to take up:

Masters degree in Leadership and Management

This course is designed for Bachelor’s degree holders to possess the knowledge to become successful leaders and to devise effective business decisions in the future. Students are taught to have effective communication, strengthen decision-making, be socially and ethically responsible. Moreover, some popular destinations abroad for this program are in Germany, the UK, and France.

Masters degree in Computer Science

Having this degree on the list is not a surprise. In this modern world, everything becomes viral and digital; in other words, technology becomes the driving force. Most international students know the continuous high demand for tech experts and open better opportunities in any industry. You can consider taking up this course in countries like the Netherlands, the USA, and Finland.

Masters degree in Business Administration

Students who are business-oriented are keen on taking up this course to thrive in the present economy. This master’s degree course is created to assist graduates in acquiring the best understanding of business management and its functions. Most students consider finishing this degree in Spain, Denmark, or Australia.

Masters degree in International Relations

International students choose this degree because it is designed to help students have a broader view of the interconnected political system and its influence on politics and society. Furthermore, finishing this degree can qualify them to have an excellent career in diplomacy and government.  

Masters degree in Economics

This discipline provides graduates with specialized knowledge in understanding societies to make decisions and devise policies. Most international students choose this degree as it offers different career paths, including public administration, teaching, business, and research.

Masters degree in Psychology

International students choose this discipline as they are attracted to science development and support others along the way. It features related programs in cognitive processes, personality theories, and social psychology. These courses are popular in Norway, the USA, and the Netherlands.

Masters degree in International Business

Business courses seem to be popular with graduate students, especially with those who want to step up and finish a degree abroad. It is famous as a lot of companies are becoming global. Moreover, it is part of an economy’s asset to understand how to succeed internationally or enhance relationships with foreign businesses.

Masters degree in Biology

This course remains in demand for international students. Most graduate students want to participate in the discovery of species and medicines, and treatments that can be possible by taking up biology degrees. Countries like Norway, the UK, and Sweden offer these courses mainly in English instruction.

Masters degree in Technology and Engineering

International students are also choosing Engineering degrees as part of their list. This degree is highly in demand in different industries worldwide. It specializes in establishing devices and machines which society needs. It is also popular in countries like Germany, Turkey, and Russia.

Masters degree in Health Sciences

Students who want a career in improving and saving people’s lives choose this course. This discipline allows you to explore and investigate diseases and treatments, lab research, and clinical care. The most common countries that offer this course are the UK, Canada, Sweden, and Spain.

Final Words

Deciding to take up a master’s degree abroad is ideal for students who have completed their undergraduate degrees and working professionals who want to be promoted or be qualified for a better job. When choosing which course to take up, you may consider the courses’ objectives, curriculum, and opportunities.

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