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Things to Remember when applying for Universities in the USA | Gradway

January 10, 2022BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

For aspiring international students, applying to universities in the USA can be confusing and intimidating at the same time. And the reason? American universities do not fit in the same mold as other countries’ universities while applying or fulfilling their criteria. So here is a quick checklist to make it all easier for US-degree aspirants:

Early deadlines v/s Early Action

We all know the importance of applying early to international universities to help increase our chances of admission over a leveled competitor. These are the Early Deadlines (ED) to be met in November and Early Deadlines II (ED II) in January. But remember, both ED and ED II are binding, so you must enroll if offered enrollment. 

Hence, if you have applied to a few universities to choose from, choose Early Action (EA) over ED. The rest of the things being similar, the admission offer in EA is not binding on the applicant. 

Financial Aid

Scholarships and other such financial aid are lifelines for most foreign degree aspirants. If that happens to hold for you, too, it is best to look for such an option on the university’s website before applying. Also, choosing EA over ED would supplement this effort as you can always compare scholarship offers from multiple universities at the final stage. 

Choosing the best platform

When it comes to applying to American universities, international students have many options like The Common App, The Coalition App, the Common Black College Application, etc. But one must remember that all these apps have criteria that might impact your admission’ success. For instance, The Common App has a supplemental essay as part of application filing, so you need to time the process accordingly.

Personal Statement

Also known as ‘the college essay’, the personal statement can make or break your application. Thus, every student must prepare for this beforehand to make it a memorable read for the university. As a tip, the essay should be self-reflective and a written version of your personality. Also, secure a Letter of Recommendation beforehand. 

Test-blind v/s test-optional universities

We all know that the pandemic has made the majority of universities and colleges reconsider their requirements of SAT or ACT scores. But what persisted is just a confusion of ‘whether or not?’ Here is the clarity to know if you need to take these exams or not:

If your shortlisted universities are test-blind, they will not consider your scores at all. 

If your selected universities are test-optional, they will take your scores into account for sure, especially when there is a tie between you and a leveled competitor. 

Application fees

Lastly, filling out the application involves setting aside a financial budget as each application may charge you anywhere between USD 50 to 100. If the cost seems much for you, find out the colleges or apps that waive fees on application. Similarly, ACT also has the provision to waive off the fees for the eligible students. You only need to research a little for such institutions before applying.

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