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Trending STEM Courses overseas to Choose From! | Gradway

January 20, 2022BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

The US has recently added as many as 22 STEM courses to its dynamic education system to meet the ever-growing demand for STEM professionals. For every unemployed STEM applicant, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported two vacant positions. And other countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia have been no different. The demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals is surging. 

But contrary to popular belief, the scope of STEM courses is quite wide. And to help you stay in tune with the trends, here are the most in-demand STEM courses overseas to choose from:

Petroleum Engineering

With year-on-year job growth of around 3%, petroleum engineering has been one of the trending STEM courses as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It offers a median salary of around $ 137,500. 

Computer Engineering

 With yearly job growth of around 2%, computer engineering is again a trending STEM stream for the year offering students a mean salary of around $ 119, 600.

Aerospace Engineering

 The course offers a mean salary of around $ 118,600 and has a yearly job growth rate of around 3%.

Computer Network Architecture

Rapidly replacing other IT courses, this STEM course offers you a median annual salary of $117,000 and has a growth rate of 5% per year.

Software Developer

 WIth the world becoming even more digital, software development has been trending for some time now and offers a mean salary of around $ 110,000. The job growth rate stands at 22%. 


 The course offers a median salary of around $ 93,000 and has a stupendous growth rate of around 33%. 

Chemical Engineering

 Another trending STEM course with a job growth rate of 4% and a median salary of $ 108,500, the course calls for chemistry geniuses.

Actuarial Sciences

 Interested in accessing risks in industries by data collection? There is a demand for you all at a yearly growth rate of 18% and a median salary of $ 111,300.

Database Administration

With a yearly growth rate of around 10%, this STEM course offers a median salary of $ 99,000.

Materials Science and Engineering

 Involving the development of products from practically any material, this STEM course has a lucrative median salary of $95,650 with annual job growth of 2%. 

Marine Engineering

These naval architects are drawing an average annual salary of around $ 95,500 with a constant job growth rate of 1% yearly.

Geological Engineering

 The mining industry is paying these professionals around $ 94,000 and offers a job growth of 4%.

Environmental Engineering

 Demand for environmental protection has made this course trend for a few years now. It offers a median salary of $92,000 and allows you to grow at the rate of 3% annually. 

Mechanical Engineering

With an annual growth rate of 4%, mechanical engineering offers a median salary of $90,200. 

Summing Up

And lastly, a few other trending courses are Health and Safety Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Programming, Agricultural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Civil Engineering. 

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