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Why Choose Overseas Education?

We have been counselling students for educational opportunities in Foreign countries and have been helping them realise their dream of studying abroad.

Diverse Range Of Course

Overseas Universities offer students to choose from a diverse range of programmes across UG and PG studies. Choosing an advanced field of study that fits your educational background improves your employability and helps your CV stand out in job applications.

Innovative Teaching Models

Unlike your home country, universities in the West are equipped with modern teaching methodologies - Adaptive, Innovative, Student-Led, Facilitator, Delegator, and many more. This helps you adapt to various educational settings and expand your learning horizons

Pathway To Immigration

Many countries offer post-Study Work Permits that pave the way to career and settlement opportunities moving forward. Depending on the regulations, you can choose a part-time job or an Internship alongside your course to gain working experience in the Industry.

Broaden Your Horizon

Overseas Education offers you a new perspective towards work-life balance, career growth, open-mindedness, intercultural awareness and an experience for a lifetime, which otherwise would have been impossible to learn in the comfort of your own country

Global Exposure

An International Degree offers you unlimited exposure to how things work on the other side of the world. Alongside, widening your international network, collaborating and working closely with people from different cultures gives you new perspectives and life lessons.

Numerous Opportunities

Your CV with a foreign degree automatically resonates adaptability and resourcefulness in the highly-competitive career marketplace. A practical-learning approach gained in your overseas education programme can take your career prospects to the next-level.

Where Can I Study?

We offer student visa assistance for universities across a range of top academic destinations. Choose from our list of countries to apply for, and avail expert consultation services for undergraduate and postgraduate degree enrolments.

What Can I Study?

There are a plethora of courses available in International universities - whether you are opting for UG or PG programmes. Switch to country-wise guide to understand the benefits of each programmes.


As against the popular misconception that overseas education is for Masters Degree alone, there are a range of undergraduate programmes for high-school schools. You can choose from a Bachelors in Engineering to a Degree in one of the Management Courses. There are a wide variety of undergraduate courses to choose from - typically ranging from 3-4 years duration. Universities in the USA, for example, grant admissions to UG programmes based on SAT and TOEFL Scores


There are numerous Postgraduate or Masters programmes available across all the major academic destinations. It could be a daunting task to choose your course, or university, which is where we step in! Enrolling into an overseas masters degree requires adherence to certain eligibility criteria, and clearing a couple of globally-accepted tests. From Agriculture, Hospitality, STEM to Management degrees, choose from a wide range of courses

How can I Apply?

Each country has its own Study Visa Application Process. Here, we have simplified the process into generic steps that are common to all the countries.

Future Prospects

Each country has their own set of regulations with respect to work permit programmes post-study for international students. To learn more about the same, you can get in touch with our counsellors for country-specific information. Here’s a list of your future prospects as an International student in a foreign university.

Internships/Part-Time Work

nternships/Part-time jobs as part of the international study programmes are generally either on-campus or off-campus. Internships and Part-time jobs offer students with an understanding of the job market, work culture and also provide hands-on experience in their respective industries.

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Post-Study Work Visas

Post-Study Work Visas allow international students to stay back in the country for a specified duration to look for work in their respective areas of study. Post-study work permits and visas offer international students with full work, study and travel rights within a stipulated visa validity duration.

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Students who acquired Post-Graduation Work Permit Visas after graduation, can eventually apply for immigration/citizenship visa programmes as an inland candidate. This is a great opportunity for international students who wish to settle down in the respective nation.

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