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Benefits of Studying in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students and the number of global intakes to Australian universities keeps on increasing every year. Known for its high-quality education system, Australia equips you with excellent professional skills to prepare for your career ahead.

Australia has 15 of its universities featured in the 100 best universities in the world. And these ranked universities cover almost all the fields of study like commerce, science, technology, et al.

An Australian degree is recognized and preferred well by employers across the globe. Securing a well-paying job in any part of the world becomes extremely easy once you finish your studies in Australia.

To mitigate the cost of overseas education borne by international students, the Australian government keeps a dedicated scholarship fund of around $250 million each year. We encourage you to apply for a scholarship in Australia when applying to an Australian university.

International students get a special advantage of work while studying in Australia. This is a plus to cover the living expenses and gain experience, in case you wish to stay in the country after course completion.

With international students that come from more than 150 countries of the world, Australia is a multicultural hub that makes it lively yet safe for students staying in a foreign land. Additionally, for the safety of international students, Australia has the ‘Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)’ Law that ensures the wellbeing of every international student at all times.

Top Fields of Study in Australia

With plenty of study fields to choose from, the top courses for international students in Australia are:

Accountancy is one of the top fields of study in Australia with Macquarie University, The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), Monash University, and the likes offering plenty of accounting courses for international students interested in becoming Corporate Treasurers, Management Accountants, External Auditors, et al.

Teaching and Education
Known for its excellent education standards, Australia is a perfect choice for international students to pursue teaching and education courses in top universities like the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, and the University of South Australia to learn the details of early childhood education, primary education, and teaching at other levels.

With Engineers Australia ensuring quality engineering courses in the country, studying engineering from Victoria University, RMIT University, Curtin University, and the likes allow you to attain specialization in several engineering fields.

Hospitality Management
Hospitality management is one of the top fields of study in Australia with top institutions like Murdoch University, Griffith University, Le Cordon Bleu, and more offering a wide variety of courses for international students having an interest in hotel management, commercial cooking, baking, restaurant management, et al.

Career Prospects in Australia

Post-study work permit in Australia
There are three categories of attaining work permit in Australia after study completion:

  • The ‘Post-study Work Stream Visa’ or the subclass 485 visa is the most common one where international students can stay for a maximum of up to 4 years after graduation.
  • The ‘Graduate Work Stream Visa’ also belongs to the visa subclass 485 and is meant for the one who has graduated in some skill or special occupations. It is valid for a year and a half.
  • The ‘Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa’ or the subclass 476 visa is for the engineering graduates and lets them stay in the country for work for another year and a half.

Part-time career opportunities in Australia
Part-time jobs for international students in Australia can be secured in these sectors:

  • The retail sector like supermarkets;
  • Hospitality sector like restaurants;
  • Nursing jobs for aged or infants;
  • Telemarketing agencies;
  • Farming sector; and
  • Tutoring jobs.

Full-time career opportunities in Australia
The highest paying full-time jobs in Australia have been listed from highest to lowest ranks below:

  • Actuarial Sciences.
  • Earth Sciences and ancillary fields.
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Electrical And Computer Engineer.
  • Psychology
  • Business Managers
  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Social Science Professionals

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