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Tips to Deal with a Study visa Rejection | Gradway

September 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Obtaining a study visa is a preliminary requirement for studying abroad. Each country has its unique regulations that govern the requirements to obtain a study visa. Even if you enter your preferred country via another visa type, you cannot pursue studies there since your enrollment to a university is possible only after examining your study visa.

Facing study visa rejection

Since every country has strict rules concerning the approval of student visas, you might face study visa rejection even after putting in all the effort! It is, therefore, extremely important to remain prepared for study visa rejection in advance and plan your next course of action accordingly.

Here are a few steps that can be taken when your study visa is rejected:

Find out the reason for visa rejection

You have no control over the past but learning from your past mistakes will make your future better. It is important to know the reason for visa rejection so you can improve your application in the future. Enquire about the reason for rejection from your consular officer if you are not informed about it.

Consider reapplying

If you are determined to study in the same country that you applied for, you must consider reapplying to obtain your study visa. In many cases, students get their study visas on their second, third, or further visa applications. So don’t be disheartened and reapply soon after your student visa gets rejected.

Pro tip: When reapplying, address all the discrepancies from your study visa application that caused rejection the last time.

Look for similar options in other countries

If your main reason for studying abroad is receiving high-quality education from a global university, you can always look for other options after facing study visa rejection from your preferred country. US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada are all great study destinations offering high-quality education in different fields. Some of these countries have more relaxed study visa application processes than others. You never know which part of the world awaits you!

Look for similar options in home country

If receiving a high-quality education is your main goal, you must consider looking for options in your homeland. You can opt for a college that accepts students from abroad if you want to study in an environment that welcomes different cultures. Studying in your home country might also be cheaper than studying abroad.

Gain work experience

If you have already applied for your study visa multiple times and got rejected, don’t lose hope. If your main aim in life is to secure a good job, you must consider applying for jobs as per your qualification and enter the real world to gain some experience. Focus and perform excellently at your job for early promotions. And if you still want to study abroad in the US, UK, or any other country after working for a year or two, you must reapply. Your work experience will add points to your profile making it stronger thereby increasing your chances of tasting success in the form of study visa approval!

Final Thoughts

Being prepared for study visa rejection might be tough but don’t forget that it is not your fault. The brightest of bright students face visa rejection every year for reasons not in their control. Many factors play an important role in the selection of students by a foreign country and you cannot control all of them. The only thing you can control is your next steps because they will decide your future. Never lose hope and choose what is best for you from the options listed above. 

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