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Tips and Tricks to Crack your PTE Exam in the First Attempt | Gradway

September 7, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

People who had the opportunity to study overseas are very lucky. However, there are tests that they need to pass before they could migrate and study abroad. One of these tests is the PTE Exam.

The internet offers a plethora of tips to pass the test. But did you know that most of them have missed mentioning the most important thing to focus on to prepare for the test? Well, they forgot that one has to study hard for their English lessons! Once you have mastered the language systematically and professionally, acing the test would be easy peasy.

Assuming you have studied your English well, here are some tips and tricks that will help you pass the PTE exam on the first attempt and with flying colors. 

Study Materials Matters

Your study materials will play a crucial role in your exam preparation. When looking for the best study material, make sure to get your PTE study material on trusted platforms. There are a lot of websites that offer free study materials and mock exams. You can also look for a PTE institute if you want to be extra ready for the PTE exam.

Make an Answering Plan

PTE exams are composed of 20 different tasks and 80 questions. Some require time to answer, while others may only take a minute. To better answer the exam, you may want to practice answering the exam based on the following.

  • Questions that will contribute to the score of other sections can be your weakness. Focus on this section in your review.
  • Questions that will impart scores to other sections are your strengths. Make sure to answer these sections correctly. This could either make or break your result.
  • Questions having negative markings. Study all the tips that will help you avoid common mistakes on the test.
  • Questions need skill polishing. You can study this part by reviewing previous PTE exams.

Proper Time Management

The PTE exam will take you 3 hours. It can be daunting. Hence, make sure to manage your time in such a way that you’ll still have time to review your exam before the time. Don’t leave any blanks on the test, even if you are not sure of your answers.

Develop Confidence

To establish confidence, practice speaking with your headphones and microphone. Try to imagine a noisy background because that would be the usual setup in PTE exams. You can play music on or turn on the TV. This will help you practice your concentration for the actual exam day.


Many examinees waste their time in unnecessary practices to prepare for the PTE exam. They think the more material you’ll get to study, the higher your chance of passing. However, this is not always the case. Remember that quality review and the right technique are the keys to passing the PTE exam in whatever type of exam.

Lastly, trust that you have prepared for this exam for a long time. Think that the exam is only a formality and you will surely ace it.

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