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Benefits of Studying in the USA

American universities have the most interactive course structure in the world based on real-life case studies. The bustling hub of varied cultures acts as a learning curve for international students looking for global corporate life. And talking about the major pluses:

The top benefit of getting enrolled in an American University is the flexible academic structure. America is one of the few countries that do not pressurize you to select your majors at the beginning of the course or early on. You get a good two years to realize your actual study of interest. American universities focus on internships during your college years. The basic premise is to give every student a first-hand job experience while still keeping you under their umbrella to lend continuous guidance.

American universities have another unique feature of giving well-rounded education as they make everyone study everything- from arts to sciences, little basics of them all. This makes one have an idea of all kinds of worlds around them.

A degree-holder from an American university holds the maximum value across the globe. Every reputed company would prefer a Harvard pass out over any other top university in the world.

American universities also offer excellent service to international students. Every school and university has a dedicated room for international students with a dedicated faculty. It practically solves almost every issue, be it addressing visas or work permits or helps to deal with mental stress or cultural shock.

Top Fields of Study in the US

The USA is the top choice for international students since it offers some of the best courses for international students:

Health and Medical
With high-quality medical studies in the US, taking up a course in this field from the top US institutions like the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Harvard University, and San Diego School of Medicine will bring you a rewarding career in the future.

Engineering is another top field of study in the US with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Florida International University, and the likes offering a wide variety of engineering courses to international students for specialization.

Business and management
With top companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft headquartered in the US, you can consider securing an internship from these companies by taking up a course in business and administration from Harvard University, Stanford University, Washington State University, Auburn University, and other top universities of the US.

Since the United States is the world’s largest economy, studying economics in a US university like the University of Chicago, Yale University, Columbia University, or Harvard University ensures to open up many job avenues for you throughout the globe.

Career Prospects in the USA

Post-study Work Permits in the USA
For international students in America, these are the 3 major routes to attain work-permit post-study:

  • The F1 Visa lets you stay in the country for another year. And if you happen to be a ‘STEM’ graduate, you get a two-year stay.
  • The H-3 Visa is for international students pursuing a skill-based course as a trainee and is valid for just two years.
  • The H-1B visa helps one stay in the US post-study for 6 years with a sponsorship.

Part-time Career Opportunities in the USA
International students are allowed to work only on-campus, so here are the jobs from highest-paying to the least:

  • Tutor
  • Sales Assistant
  • Catering Assistant
  • Department Assistant
  • Research Study Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Library Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Barista
  • Campus Ambassador

And if you get the permission to work off-campus by proving economic hardships to the Department of Homeland Securities, here are some good opportunities:

  • Social Media Assistant
  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Bank Teller
  • Cashier
  • Driver

Full-time Career Opportunities in the USA
For international students looking for full-time job positions in the USA, here are the trending job sectors:

  • Computer Science
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Data Science
  • Civil Engineering and
  • Public Health Services.

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