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The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad | Gradway

January 22, 2022BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Most foreign degree aspirants keep delaying their application process weighing in the pros and cons of studying abroad. And more often than not, they are wary of going abroad because of all the cons they keep hearing from the naysayers. Here is a real list of all the boons and banes of shifting your country for your education. And you will feel the ease of decision seeing the weightage and practicalities of both.

Pros of studying abroad:

Learn independence

We all are dependent on our parents for all our needs, especially until high school. To teach independence, most parents choose to send their children away from home. And those who chose to stay dependent on their parents, never learn the real-life lessons. If you are one of those lucky people, who is getting a chance to go abroad and study, lap it up. There could not be any lesson bigger than living all by yourself in a foreign land and learning to live from scratch without a helping hand. It is the ultimate training ground for ever-challenging corporate life.

Learn new languages

Studying abroad and living with other international students gives one a golden opportunity to learn many new languages at once. Where it could not mean anything for someone who has no plans to leave his hometown ever, for those aiming for a corporate life across the globe, it is a gold mine for a pre-prep for such a life. It eventually adds to your resume, too.

Practice ground to accept social variety

For those aiming for a smooth corporate life, they know how imperative it is to gel along with your peers coming from varied backgrounds. The social diversity of corporate life is often known to pose a hindrance for those not used to accepting and adjusting to social diversity. But international students have an edge here because they accept diversity from day one of their socially and culturally diverse university classes.  

Make an international corporate network

All your university friends in your foreign college become your valuable corporate network for the rest of your life. For all your friends that choose to stay within the country and study in a domestic university, all they have is a network of local friends placed locally in domestic companies. Time to take the leap and grab the opportunity to have a network of friends from different countries placed across the globe in varied multinational companies.

Cons of studying abroad:


Missing home is the biggest con of choosing to study abroad. You might feel distant and cut-off from your family given the physical distance and the time-zone difference for not staying in touch more often. Bring a few moments from home for those low moments. And stay connected to family through social media; it helps when all other means fail.

Lose connection with old friends

New replace the old friendships; at least timely. But those determined to value their old friendships, just like their family bonds, easily overcome this con and stay connected to stay sane!

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