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Student Checklist for Study Abroad Travel | Gradway

September 28, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

For most, packing is the most unattractive part of any trip. There seems to be a constant tug of war between what needs to be packed and what needs to be left behind.

But what would you pack when you don’t even know what you might need on the way? Most of the international students are presently unsure of their luggage essentials. COVID has played a spoil-sport here, too. So, let’s do the packing without leaving any essentials back home. Here are the best travel essentials during COVID-19 for international students.

Carry-bag essentials for the entry point at the airport

The small carry bag that is meant to make your onboard travel and entry easier must include the following:

Handy Sanitisation Kit with Liquid Sanitiser, a pack of Face Masks and Gloves. 

Test Report: A negative antigen/PCR test report, conducted within 72 hours of crossing the land border. In case your home country is on the red list aka high-risk concern countries, this test should be conducted not more than 24 hours before crossing the land border.

Vaccination certificate, in case the destination country prohibits the entry without one.

All the other entry documents like visa, passport, et al that are a must for entry into the country.

Carry-bag essentials to reach quarantine centre

This bag should be ready in case you were informed to compulsorily undergo quarantine for a few days straight from the airport clearance.

An extra face mask that needs to be put on after throwing the mask you wore until before boarding the taxi/transport facility to the quarantine center. Almost all the countries have mandated this step as you would have carried some germ during the flight.

A travel-sized hand sanitizer enough to last quarantine duration.

Proof of payment for the quarantine package.

Enough entertainment sources like mobile or laptop to stay sane during quarantine. In case of feelings of depression and anxiety during isolation, contact the country’s COVID helpline toll-free number.

Luggage for the university residential campus

This luggage would be needed once you complete the quarantine period of the destination country or after you’ve been cleared by the airport authorities (in case of quarantine exemption).

The negative antigen report – conducted 72 hours before boarding the flight.

The vaccination proof as most of the universities that have opened themselves for the international students, are mandatorily asking for ‘fully vaccinated certificate’. Also, no university is allowing hostel facilities in case you haven’t taken both doses of the vaccine.

The health insurance certificate – that has been mandated by most universities across the globe.

All the essential documents – that are required to offer you breezy access to the campus. For this, make a list of all the certificates/documents required by your university on its official website. Store them in one place for quick processing.

Summing Up

The best COVID-19 travel advice is to be prepared for every little aspect demanded by your preferred foreign university. Packing every item that you might need will help you avoid unwanted delays and troubles when traveling internationally.

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