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How To Prepare Yourself for Moving Abroad to Study | Gradway

August 28, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Students wishing on realizing their overseas education dream almost know how to nail the scores. They have all the counseling and expert advice by their side to help them sail through the academics and paperwork part. But what most of them do not realize is the mental preparation or the nitty-gritty of life that nobody has ever discussed with them. And it’s the only thing which our older generations learned in passing. They do not realize it as a chapter of their life that needs to be passed on.

But here are those little preparations that we have gathered here from the veterans of the field aka the international student club. A few of them told us some important preparations for studying abroad. Here’s a concise list:

Financial Literacy

Here, financial literacy is gaining knowledge about the finance sector of the country you are shifting to. And it doesn’t mean to read their financial charter. The basic thing to learn is the exchange rate of both your and the destination country’s currencies. Many people are unaware of the money lost as charges for exchanging the money during international wire transfers. Where basic conversion is easy to learn, remember that it is not the ground reality.

International Banking

You can think of it as an extension of the above step. After you’ve learned what exchange rate and costs are, it’s time to know the bank’s role now. They are here to take a cut from your already-lowered tuition fees. And that too, probably with a delay of a few days. So, it’s time to find a way that is cheaper and quicker. Learn about alternative banking or forex transfer companies that serve the purpose well. Do not forget to choose a trusted source only.

Financial Security

After learning about the all-things-finance, you’ll realize the shortage of it all when overseas. Hence, it’s time to prepare yourself for gaining financial security as soon as you land. Let’s stay ahead of all the other international students here. Start looking for part-time jobs online so that you are financially secured right from the moment you step into the country, literally. Many international websites display such vacancies worldwide. Save the dates and venue to grab the opportunity.


It is the most vital preparation to lead a happy and fulfilling life as an international student. Think of a fruit basket, where varied fruits adapt to each other’s individuality and survive together, stay alive, all afresh. Until one gets rot and disturbs the balance of it all. So, be adaptable to people of all cultures, traditions, races, and colors. And respect them, no matter what. They’d do that too, in return, if they weren’t doing it already.

To be adaptable, learn about the ethnic composition of your selected university. And research a little about all of their cultures. It will mentally prepare you to expect the unexpected.

Summing Up

Almost all the suggestions your way would be of doing the obvious: study hard to get placed. But no one tells you the time and effort lost in learning lessons on the way. How about learning them all beforehand from other’s experiences!

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