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Overseas Education: The Expensive Option That Is Still Worth Your Time | Gradway

June 28, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

The prospect of it scares some and excites others. For the ones who are wary of studying abroad, they think of all the struggles, the high cost of overseas education, and the very idea of it being not “worth it”.

If that is the reality, why would others take that leap? Is it worth it for them to study overseas, given the displacement, money drain, cultural shock, and the alleged racism they experience? Let’s explore if the pros outdo the cons of enrolling in a foreign university.

Acquire the best professional skills

This is the top reason for getting enrolled in a foreign university: you acquire the best skills in the industry. Foreign universities are known to have an interactive curriculum that gives every student an equal chance to participate. There is no way of escaping it by finding yourself a corner in the class or using proxies. You learn to communicate, have a healthy discussion, and present yourself in front of a crowd. There aren’t any negatives here

Beat others to climb the corporate ladder

Foreign universities are famed for having a course structure that heavily relies on true and best case studies in the respective fields. Think of business schools like Harvard or London. And these real case studies teach you how to deal with a problem in an actual corporate setup. That not only helps you stay ahead of your peers in a job but also succeed if you choose to go the entrepreneur way.

Build a robust global network

Universities abroad host foreign students that come together under one roof to study. All of them forge a great bond with one another. At the end of it all, all of them go their way. And that is, getting placed across the globe. This is the real global network that is robust and might prove helpful to you, if and whenever needed.

Earn financial literacy early on

Studying abroad hardly ever includes ‘just studying’. No foreign student goes abroad and misses out on trying his hand at some, or the other side gig. All of them prefer to work, if not to cover up their course cost, then surely to earn their routine financial dependence. This, in the hindsight, helps us to become financially literate. We learn new lessons of budgeting or creditworthiness, not just in words but in our daily lives.

Become truly independent in every sense

We all feel independent until we get away from home and realize the true meaning of independence. There is no support in difficult times and all you have then to rely upon is ‘you’. Studying in a foreign land is all about becoming truly independent and the lessons learned help shape your life the best way.

Summing Up

With all these major pros, the cons seem to be getting outweighed. And we aren’t even discussing the pluses like getting an edge while getting selected for your next job, learning new culture and languages, exploring foreign lands and foods, and experiencing the adventure that comes along with all this. So, go take that leap ‘coz it’s an opportunity that won’t knock twice

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