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Packing Essentials for your Overseas Education Travel | Gradway

June 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Packing seems to be the most frustrating task for many, for they seem to keep forgetting important things every time they pack for a trip. And when that trip is abroad, for a few years at least, there is no way of getting back anytime soon to pick up your favorite T-shirt or granny’s sweater. That’s exactly what happens to most international students.

So, it’s time to take it as a task and follow a process to nail it. Here’s a list for what to pack for international students:

Main Luggage

This section would teach you to make the best luggage for international students. It has everything you might need for the next few years:

Pack a few of your clothes that suit the weather of the destination country.

Pack one copy of all your travel documents here. Also, keep one copy of all the university documents. Also, do not forget to have a copy of your travel and health insurance here.

Avoid packing any books since this will add to your luggage cost. Scan them instead and store them on drive or cloud.

To run all your electronics successfully, pack all your adapters and plugs of varying sizes and voltage. Every continent has different plug and voltage usage rules.

Pack all the necessary prescriptions of the medicines you might be carrying along. Do not forget them as you might land in trouble to break the drug laws of the country.

Pack extra face masks and gloves. Keep a sanitizer refill pack in case it runs out on the way.

It’s time to pack a few of the most cherished things that don’t make you feel homesick in a foreign land.

Now weigh it to check if it qualifies the weight or size limits of the airline you are boarding.

Carry Bag

Where the main luggage wouldn’t be with you during travel, you can carry small luggage while traveling. It’s time to stock it up with all that’s needed:

You’ll need the important entry documents in this bag. These include your passport, visa, college admission, accommodation proofs, and travel and health insurance. Keep them all handy here, apart from their spare copies in the main luggage too.

Keep some emergency medicines that you might need during travel. Don’t forget their prescription copy here either. Also, your spectacles, in case you wear them.

Store your vaccination proof here in case you are vaccinated or the RT-PCR report.

Keep a spare face mask and a travel-sized sanitizer pack. Also, store a pair of spare gloves.

Keep your credit cards and extra cash here safely.

What Else You Need

The only thing that is left to load is your smartphone. In case of any emergency or even luggage lost-in-transit, it could be a savior for you. So, pack it too with:

Scanned copy of all the travel and university documents;

Scan all the prescriptions in it;

Save the numbers of all the family members and friends;

Lastly, save the emergency numbers of the destination country. Feed the university and police helpline numbers, and your country’s embassy numbers.

Summing Up

Being equipped with this much ton of important things, stay assured to be safe and find an easy way in adverse times.

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