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How to make yourself comfortable speaking in English in a foreign country? | Gradway

August 14, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

When you see the dream of studying abroad in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or other countries with English-speaking populations, learning to communicate comfortably in English becomes one of your goals. It is common to face difficulties in learning a foreign language but to fully enjoy living in a foreign land and converse with the locals, you must take up this challenge. Moreover, you will have to speak in English with your teachers, fellow students, landlord, and taxi drivers daily; so making yourself comfortable with the language is extremely important.

Ways to make yourself comfortable speaking in English

Since you will be dealing with English-speaking people regularly abroad, let us just discuss some easy ways to improve your comfort level when speaking the language.

Speak it out loud

Do you remember how you learned to speak in your native language as a baby? We all learn to talk in our native language even before joining a school to learn the language in writing. We listen to it from our family and friends and mimic them only to realize later that we learned to talk! The trick to quickly become comfortable speaking in English is speaking the language loud and clear whenever you read it. Regularly speaking out loud, when you are alone, will boost your confidence and build fluency in your verbal English.

Watch English television shows

Have you ever wondered how are you so fluent in your native language? You tend to watch movies, television shows, and YouTube videos in your native language. If you devote the same time to watching movies, shows, and videos in English; you will become comfortable speaking in English even in a foreign country. In the beginning, you might not understand all the words spoken in the video, so pause and repeat to understand the words better. With time you will start grasping the language properly even in a continuous flow.

Practice talking with a native or language expert

If you have a friend with fluent English speaking skills, consider taking his help and talking to him regularly. If you don’t know anyone with good language skills in person, you can find a language expert or native English speaker online either directly or through language apps. Practice English communication with the expert daily to increase your comfort level in speaking it.

Let the music play!

If you are a music lover, stop listening to songs in your native language and switch to English songs for good! It is the best way to practice speaking the language while enjoying your time. You can easily listen to a song carrying your kind of music repeatedly and understand the words in the process. Once you get hold of the lyrics, start singing along. With this approach, you will find yourself speaking comfortably in English in the same accent you desire only in a matter of days.

Rounding it Up

Your journey to speak English comfortably in a foreign country begins in your homeland itself. Regular practice by vocalizing the language is the primary key to quickly and successfully make yourself comfortable speaking in English.

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