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Things to Remember when applying for Universities in Canada | Gradway

January 6, 2022BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

For those planning to study abroad, it could get overwhelming to have so much advice at once. And this ocean of information makes things all the more confusing when trying to zero in on a university. So, to make it the simplest for you, we have compiled the most important pointers to tick-off when applying for universities in the most buzzing foreign education destination; Canada:

Preferred course

The foremost thing to remember while applying to a university in Canada is to spot your preferred course on the list of courses it offers. The subject you are aiming to major in might not be offered as a main course, to say the least. Many students cover-up for this loss by switching universities after their first year. But the biggest hindrance could be that the university doesn’t allow you to switch to another before course completion. So, match all your plans with that of the university’s rules.  

Financial aid

Since a foreign degree is a costly affair, most international students prefer universities that offer financial assistance. If you, too, are looking for one, don’t forget to confirm it on the university’s official website. Once you get the confirmation, it is time to find the ways you can grab the golden opportunity. Scholarships, loans, and bursaries are a few such aids, with each having its specific requirements. Do the homework accordingly.

Any special requirements

Many universities in Canada might have special requirements that need to be fulfilled during the application process. A minimum score in a language proficiency test or Standard Aptitude Test, letter of recommendations, or a prerequisite course; the possibilities vary with every university. Remember to adhere to the special requirements to avoid getting your application canceled.

Take the lead in time

Each year, Canada receives more international student applications than the number of seats available in the universities. Thus, most of the universities in Canada prefer to admit students on a first-come-first-serve basis, given all of them are at par otherwise. So, if you are competing for a Canadian university seat with a student that has the same grades as yours’ but he applied a day before you, he will be selected. Hence, remember to apply months ahead to Canadian universities to take the lead.

Future career offerings

All the universities in the world are ranked for a simple reason: to help the students know their value in the job market against what they spent. High-quality universities would be costly as they will secure you a high-paying corporate job. And if you are more into starting up on your own, they would have already offered you enough exposure to viz-a-viz lectures from industry leaders and a curriculum full of real-world corporate scenarios.

Simultaneous work opportunities

Lastly, many universities in Canada offer a unique co-op program that lets the students work while they study. Though these programs tend to stretch the course duration, they let the students gain work experience. It helps them bag lucrative jobs right after they pass out. Also, the much-needed extra income it brings for international students is a plus

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