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Popular Cities in USA to Study and Find Work | Gradway

January 8, 2022BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

For all the aspirants planning to study and work in the US, it is just about time to dive into the preps head-on. And here we are compiling a quick list of the most popular US cities that all the international students are heading to, as per the latest statistics: 


Dubbed as the ‘Student Capital of The States’, Boston hosts students from more than 150 countries. This vibrant city offers programs ranging from medicine to business to art. 


Apart from the Ivy League (Harvard and MIT) in the neighboring Cambridge area, i.e. Greater Boston, Boston city is home to universities like Boston University, Tufts University, Northeastern University, Suffolk University, and Simmons University.

Work Opportunities:

Movinga, a reputed German relocation company has crowned Boston as the world’s best metropolitan to find work. To cover an average monthly living cost of around USD 2,000-2,500, even the unskilled much-in-demand jobs of waiters, taxi drivers, or photographers suffice. 


The ‘Economic Hub’ of the US, Chicago is another favorite among international students. The main contributing factor is its fixed spot on ‘The Rich Cities of America’ list and yet, surprisingly, low living costs.


Chicago is buzzing with tens of universities like Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Chicago State University, Loyola University, and Elmhurst University. 

Work Opportunities:

To cover around USD 1,000-1,500 monthly living costs, one can easily secure a stocker, sales rep, warehouse handler, or such unskilled jobs. 

San Francisco

Famed for its high-quality lifestyle, San Francisco hosts many financial and technology companies. It makes the city ideal for international students aiming for the dual purpose of securing their internships and an extra income by working alongside them. 


The prestigious Stanford University, University of San Francisco, University of California, Santa Clara University, Golden Gate University, and Saybrook University.  

Work Opportunities:

With many major companies like Google, Meta, Deloitte, Walmart, and Amazon, international students can never have a dearth of work opportunities to cover the monthly living cost of around USD 1,000-2,000

New York

‘City that never Sleeps’ has always been a favorite among international students for its world-class universities and multi-cultural vibes. 


New York University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Fordham University, and Pace University. 

Work Opportunities:

For those thinking of pursuing internships or scoring jobs, New York City offers a variety of employment opportunities. Look for jobs in arts, entertainment, finance, architecture, or unskilled sectors to cover minimum living costs of around USD 2,000-3,000.

Los Angeles

The 2nd largest metropolitan city after NY, Los Angeles is the dream city of those wanting to make it big in life. 


Southern California University, Loyola Marymount University, California State University, University of California, and Mount Saint Mary’s University are just a few of the tens of public and private universities in Los Angeles. 

Work Opportunities:

To cover around USD 2,000-2,500 monthly living expenses, the easiest way is to go for unskilled jobs like that of a sales rep, warehouse handler, etc given the city has offices and warehouses of companies like Amazon and FedEx. 


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