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Study Tips for Students Preparing for English Language Proficiency Tests | Gradway

December 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

The most dreaded part while preparing to enroll in a foreign university is the English Language Proficiency Test. And it gets all the more difficult for all the non-native English speakers. Even the ones who can read and write well get bowled over by these tests. However, these useful tips for beginners and advanced English speakers will help them prepare for these tests to score on the upper end of the scale.

Know your university requirements

The major mistake almost every foreign education aspirant commits is following a generalized course structure. Every university in every country has its requirements, criteria, and cut-offs for English language tests. Had this been untrue, every intelligent student would have gotten into the Ivy League. So, before preparations, know your college’s needs by researching well.

Understand the format

Many students prepare for reading, writing, or listening sections without paying attention to the format. Understand the format, the weightage each section carries, and the time pressure. It would help in acing every hurdle during prep time. 

Practice with IELTS sample papers

Instead of using generalized books of IELTS or TOEFL, rely heavily on IELTS sample papers. Remember to go for the ones that match the structure of your target college.

Go for an IELTS course or hire a coach

Most students would always feel good enough to clear these tests, all by themselves. But what about scoring the best? They stay stuck on committing the same mistakes as they have no one to pinpoint their mistakes. It is best to get enrolled for language tests or hire an expert. Don’t forget to get the best one on board, though!

Use special books

Many students make the mistake of learning grammar basics and vocabulary from every random book. It is simply another way to waste your precious time by ignoring the rule of ‘put in targeted efforts.’ Learn from books specifically meant for international English language tests as they cover everything that has been part of these tests ever.

Inculcate a habit of taking notes

Lastly, make a habit of taking notes of new things you’d learn daily, be it a word or a phrase. You might not read it again, but writing makes your mind memorize it, forever! And as a bonus, the habit of jotting things down would also help you score well in the listening section. 

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