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Tips to write an impeccable Statement of Purpose (SoP) | Gradway

May 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Admission groups receive applications from many bright students with excellent test scores and impressive resumes. They cannot select all of them because of the strict admission rules of the foreign country. This is where a Statement of Purpose (SoP) comes in. It is a personal statement of the applicants describing their goals, academic progress, interests, and reason for choosing the university in particular. If you are aiming to get admission to a specific foreign university or college, you must learn the art of writing a unique and impressive SoP.

Useful tips to write an impeccable SoP

You cannot let your SoP ruin your dream of studying abroad. Follow these tips to write a powerful SoP and stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Be unique and original

The first thing to remember while writing your SoP is being unique and original in your content. Many students consider SoP as yet another essay on oneself that needs to be submitted. Taking it lightly will lead you nowhere because your dream of studying abroad depends on it. Never think of copy-pasting an SoP found online or received from a senior even if you plan to do some tweaks from your side. Write it first-hand and all your effort will pay rewards!

State facts with a storyline

It is general human behavior to get attached more easily to a story than to a mere statement of facts. You will enjoy reading a novel more than a newspaper article of the same length. So consider stating facts in the form of a story when writing SoP. Share your dream of studying and living abroad, how it all started, your struggles and achievements to date, and why you deserve to be selected.

Pro tip: Don’t use casual language or slang while pouring your heart out as if you are talking to a friend. Use formal language and focus on grammatical accuracy.

Always be truthful

Surprisingly, many students face rejection because of false information stated in their SoPs. Writing your SoP is a way to share your story, your journey to that specific university. Tell your unique story while being truthful and stating only the facts. The admission council wants to know about you and carry enough experience to determine whether you are stating a fact or making it all up. Your SoP also provides you with an opportunity to disclose any problem that you might have faced with your education, the reason that led to it, how you dealt with it, and the lesson that you learned from the whole situation. Just be yourself and let the admission officers decide your eligibility to get selected.

Justify your interest in the particular university

If you are passionate about studying in a specific university abroad for some reason, you must mention it in your SoP. The admission officers of the university or college want to determine your level of passion and reason for choosing their institution. So ensure to get all the details about the foreign university you are applying to and include them smartly in your SoP. It will justify your interest in their university and also depict your awareness and intelligence.

Proofread and edit SoP multiple times

Writing an impressive SoP calls for multiple proofreading and editing sessions. Review your writing and pay attention to the details. Get it reviewed by your friends, family, teachers, professors, and people who have written successful SoPs earlier.

Final Thoughts

SoP provides you an opportunity to make a good first impression on your preferred university’s admission officers. Use all your writing skills in creating the best SoP!

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