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20 Things to do before travelling to study abroad | Gradway

July 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Overseas travel is always a challenge, given the socio-cultural differences. For those on board for a leisure trip, don’t mind learning it on the way. But for international students, it’s all about following the etiquette culture to keep their dream of a foreign degree alive. Let’s learn the top things that one must do before going abroad to be safe than sorry:

  1. Inform your bank about your probable withdrawals from a new location. You wouldn’t want to get locked out and end up cash-strapped in a foreign land.
  2. Arrange for an international credit card or payment system that costs you the least.
  3. Get all your travel and entry documents made without error. Your passport, visa, tickets, travel, and health insurance must be extended to the date enough to validate your stay.
  4. Keep extra copies of the above-mentioned documents in all the luggage bags. Another copy should be kept as screenshots or a scanned one on your smartphone.
  5. Post COVID-19 times, vaccinations are a must. Get your shots and carry the proof.
  6. Double-check the luggage restrictions viz-a-viz size and weight.
  7. Pack a small survival kit in your carry bag that has everything from your medicines to phone to sanitizer to cash to snacks.
  8. Book transport from the airport to your destination to avoid being conned by a swarm of transport conmen. Use the online app.
  9. Arrange for your stay beforehand. This would save you from sleeping under the stars on day one. Double-check the booking and keep the proof.
  10. Charge your devices to 100%. Agencies like the TSA of the USA need your batteries to be full when you land. Also, pack your chargers and adapters after confirming the plug size and type in the new country.
  11. Learn a little about the culture of the land. What people wear, how they behave, and their food habits, et al. Research online to know beforehand to adjust quickly.
  12. Know their language for smooth communication. Use apps that teach you small basics quickly.
  13. Know the public transportation system in the destination country and understand the basics by heart, way ahead before landing.
  14. Know both the weather and climatic conditions of the country to prepare your luggage accordingly.
  15. Research all the travel restrictions and warnings of the country so as not to flout any.
  16. Every foreign student explores the country on his off days. So, it’s best to download the offline version of Google maps. That could even be helpful as soon as you land and are finding your accommodation route.
  17. Look for all the important apps for a smooth living. This includes food delivery apps, travel apps, online payment apps.
  18. Have spare cash in the destination currency to survive unless you find an ATM. Pack the notes beforehand in your wallet.
  19. Do not pack anything that is not permitted in that country. Check for the official website of the airlines and of the country to know.
  20. Lastly, to save yourself the living expenses, note down 8 to 10 jobs by looking them up online. Book interviews as soon as you land to secure one.

Summing Up

As students, you know the importance of being educated. Hence, research as much as you can about the current affairs of the country. Look for any special advisories, especially for foreign visitors. This is the most vital thing to do before leaving for your higher studies.

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