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Studying abroad: What to Bring, How to stay safe? | Gradway

June 7, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Finally, it’s about time. You are leaving for your overseas education. But it’s all chaos. You fear leaving important stuff behind. And your family fears your safety. Let’s address both these important fears here to take that emotional toll off.

What to carry during your travel?

Following is the list of must-have things to take with you overseas:

You can’t do without your travel documents. So, quickly pack your passport, visa, tickets, travel & health insurance documents.

Bring some local currency to survive until you get your student bank account operative. Also, pack your international debit or credit card.

Bring your vaccination proofs as all countries need them to get visitors in.

Add your prescriptions to your first-aid box or be ready to forego them at the entry.

Bring all the smart devices that you need for university studies or otherwise.

Bring along the universal adapters and power converters to charge your devices.

You might not realize the importance of your preferred toiletries but it hits most of the international students when they get discomfort using new soap, deodorant, or sunscreen brands abroad. Thus, to avoid any allergies, pack your toiletry kit for at least 2-3 month’s supply. This time is enough to find a substitute brand there.

Bring along a spare pair of gloves, face masks, and sanitizers enough to last a month.

Make sure to pack a survival clothing kit that includes a few pieces of emergency clothes, comfortable footwear, a towel, and a windproof umbrella. Keep these in your backpack, in case you lose your main luggage in transit.

Try keeping the above-mentioned items in a backpack that stays with you on your flight.

What Not to carry during your travel?

Where most of the people would advise you on things to pack for your international travel, you’d rarely get information on things not to pack for overseas education. Here’s a concise checklist:

Do not pack culturally inappropriate clothes.

Packing too many books would increase your luggage cost.

Do not bring drugs into the country: medicinal or recreational. To confirm the permitted drugs, check the drug regulations on the official tourism website of that country.

Do not bring any weapons along.

No pirated art items are allowed.

How to Stay Safe in a foreign country during your overseas education stay?

Following are major safety precautions for international students:

Do not flash expensive items like jewelry or electronics as that would attract undue attention from robbers.

Never get drunk with strangers. Always keep one member of your party group sober who ensures the safety of all.

Never take a detour from crowded streets. Stick to known areas.

Research the safest mode of transport in the country and rely on it solely, forever.

The new country could probably be following an opposite hand-driving rule. So while crossing roads or walking down the streets, look for the appropriate pedestrian side of that country.

Always be aware of the high-crime areas in your neighbourhood to avoid them.

Never share your financial or other important details with anyone. A tip is to beware of the most common scams: the phone scams.

Avoid being part of the civil unrest movements as you are not a citizen of that country.

Summing Up

The foremost rule of being safe is to be always aware of your surroundings. Look for any suspicion and stalkers. And if you spot one, immediately inform your family first and then the emergency services of the country.



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