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The Ultimate Prep Guide for Studying Abroad | Gradway

October 28, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Students preparing for overseas education always get information, albeit scattered. How great would it be to know everything stocked concisely in one place! To save your precious time, we have compiled an ultimate guide for studying abroad preparations:

Best Study Preparation for Overseas Education

This section includes a quick look at the academic areas that need your attention before getting enrolled.


Work hardest on your last 1-2 years of study, just before enrolling overseas. This helps in building a strong foundation for your course abroad.

Language Tests

Nail your language with the highest scores. It helps in securing a seat in the best college.


Enquire about the scholarships offered by your selected university and work hard for them. It’s a great way to save costs. A good reputation in the college is an added advantage, of course


Obey your teachers when it comes to submissions and tests back home. You might need a recommendation letter from them to secure admission abroad.

Post-study Preparation for Overseas Education

You selected your favorite college, worked hard for it, and finally got admitted. It’s time to prepare yourself to migrate:


It’s time to get all the paperwork done immediately. First is the college admission confirmation. The next is to get your passport, visa, and migration work done. Pack them all with 2-3 copies as backup. Get a digital copy made too.

Personal Development

To adjust to a new environment, it’s important to groom yourself mentally and physically to merge well. Practice the language, understand their culture, and be the best version of yourself.


Pack the most appropriate luggage. Look for the permissible luggage weight first. Then pack within the limits. While selecting things to pack, look for the weather and climate of the country. Do not pack anything that is banned in the country.

Overseas Preparation for International Students

This pre-prep would make your life easier once you are there:

Know the Land

Know everything about your to-be home country. Research the local culture, traditions, and language. Research the civic laws in the area you’d be staying at. Read thoroughly the general law of the land.

Know the People

Knowing about the local people in advance would help you strike strong bonds with them. This way you’d know the generalized reactions of the locals. Read the blogs or join social media groups to get informed.

Preparing for Financial Independence

Gaining financial independence in a foreign country is the most important survival rule. To secure a job there, lay the foundation of interviews from your home country. Use online classified websites to find out suitable part-time jobs and go for them as soon as you land.

Stay Grounded for Sanity

This one’s the most important preparation to sail happily through your study abroad journey. Stay grounded. Don’t get carried away with new cultures and traditions. Some countries might have a lifestyle that is flashy enough to blind you. For staying focused, talk to your family daily. Be true to them for having their back. This would lend you mental strength. And there’s no preparation bigger and stronger than a mental one.

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