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April 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

In this COVID-19 pandemic period, many of the students may be thinking, whether studying overseas is a good option or not. Due to this pandemic, some restrictions are imposed on foreign travel of the students. The student visa process is taking a longer time than before, and various college campus restrictions are also imposed. However, it is great news that the foreign universities are still welcoming international students in full capacities. The English proficiency pre-requisite exams which are required for foreign universities and college admissions are available online; new job opportunities are also available in certain sectors such as e-commerce, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering etc. Thus, students who are planning to study abroad during this pandemic should definitely go through the below mentioned guidelines/information:

Foreign Colleges and Universities welcoming International Students

First and most important point is that, even in this COVID-19 pandemic period, most of the overseas colleges and universities are still accepting and welcoming the international students to join their academic courses. So, your dream of foreign education is completely feasible. The foreign colleges and universities, as a precautionary measure, have provided some contingency plans in case of lockdown and some travel restrictions are also imposed.

The government is following strict guidelines and imposing some restrictions based on the COVID-19 spread in particular areas for the safety of people. The worldwide government and administration is hopeful to curb COVID-19 as the vaccines for COVID-19 are now almost available worldwide and has a positive outlook about the post pandemic future. Thus, if you will see globally, post-COVID future will surely create even more employment opportunities and fulfil the dreams of many aspiring students.

In short, it’s a good time for students ambitious of studying overseas to take and experience all the benefits currently available for studying abroad.

International Travel is allowed for studying abroad with few restrictions

The international travel for students is also allowed, but with some restrictions. The COVID-19 pandemic has highly impacted certain areas of some countries. Thus, these countries do not allow international travellers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In 2021, vaccines are developed to fight against COVID-19 virus and hence the international travel is safely allowed. So, the students need not to worry about the international travel and should focus on the preparations for admission to the foreign colleges and universities.

Keep yourselves updated with the information through the websites of foreign colleges and universities.

The foreign college and university admission processes may delay or change due to the current pandemic situation. Colleges and Universities keep posting updates and notices on their official website. So, it’s important for students to keep themselves updated through foreign college or university official website.

Processing time of Student Visa is increased due to pandemic but still one can apply for student visa and get it.

In this unprecedented pandemic time, due to lockdown and other restrictions, many visa processing authorities have stopped or reduced their operations. However, most of the services are returning to normal. Student Visa processing is currently taking longer than before, but still one can apply for Visa and get it done. It’s advisable to apply for student VISA 4-5 months in advance before the foreign college curriculum starts, in order to avoid the last minute rush. One can find information related to Visa services on respective embassy websites. The students can also contact their school department if they are struggling with their student visa as some departments have direct contacts with the related embassies.

Online English-language proficiency tests available

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, many entrance test authorities have chosen the alternative of conducting online tests, rather than physical appearance at the test center. Such decisions are taken in order to reach a huge mass of students in a short time, thereby avoiding delays or pendency of the tests for student’s admission. Many foreign universities require students to pass GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, and other English language tests with good marks. You need these exam clearance certificates and mark sheets before you apply for admission to any foreign college. One can opt for online English proficiency exams as required and provide respective certificates.

COVID-19 foreign college campus restrictions and plans to make studying safe

Obviously, COVID-19 has imposed restrictions on colleges such as conducting maximum online or virtual sessions in case of a high COVID-19 outbreak or lockdown, mix of physical or face to face and online lectures, limited time to be spent on college campus, etc. Every student should prepare in advance for these restrictions of foreign colleges and should make plans in order to adapt with the college culture in this pandemic time, also study well. Many of the colleges or universities have developed contingency plans in case of new regulations introduced by the local or a national government.

New Job opportunities are available

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a vast number of job opportunities in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, research, engineering etc. Students should choose a field of study, depending upon their area of interest and field scope. This pandemic period has made us independent, adaptable to difficult times and shown us the importance of quick learning.

Time to learn new languages, software or other projects and decide your field of interest
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, being at home, has given us ample time. Students can utilize their free time for preparation of exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc., learning new languages such as German, French, etc., learning coding and software of other fields, and so on. This will enable you to be updated with these constantly changing times and improve yourselves. Students can introspect themselves and can decide their field of study, depending on their area of interest and the current scope for particular fields. Students, please utilize this free time in developing yourselves, your skills and to pursue your dream of studying abroad.

Studying abroad consists of a huge number of steps such as preparation of SOPs and LORs, Visa documentation and processing, college or university application processing and so on. In this scenario, overseas consultants are very necessary.

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