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How can I learn English communication in 30 days? | Gradway

December 31, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

English is the most spoken language in the world, and this validates its need for all. Everyone wants to learn it the quickest to avoid the fear of missing out on being part of first-world life. But is it possible to learn it in, say, a month?

The answer is a no and a yes. No, if you are completely alien to it. But yes, if you know a few basics. But in both cases, you will surely be a notch higher. Let us try some sure-shot ways to be there.

Immersion– It is the best and the most practical way to learn English quickly. Immerse yourself in using English practically for everything. Take a pledge not to use any other language. Talk to everyone in English, swap your newspaper or blog sites with their English versions, and avoid everything that makes you break your pledge.

Listen to IVR of companies– Make 1 or 2 calls daily to a company to listen to their Interactive Response System. Try to understand what it says and pick the pronunciation. It improves listening skills while not bothering others. Remember not to bother the real executive.

YouTube over Netflix– Most English learners fail to learn English while choosing Netflix as their subject. It is because the content on the platform is more formal and difficult to comprehend for beginners. If you are going for a 30-day English challenge while being almost a beginner, choose YouTube instead. The difficulty level of the language is simple, you can choose the content as per your interest, and the boredom never kicks in while you practice by imitating.

Add interesting reading sessions– Many would ask you to read, especially newspapers and world news. But you would never find yourself doing it as, we all know, it is boring. Time to swap it for fashion magazines and comics so that you do not lose interest. But make sure not to immerse too much in the entertainment factor.

Mirror yourself– Communicating in English would always need you to practice it first. How about getting comfortable by talking to yourself? This way, you will feel comfortable speaking the language and improving your expressions and body language. Lastly, record these sessions and ask for corrections from someone who is pro at English speaking.

Lastly, record these sessions and ask for corrections from someone who is pro at English speaking.

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