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Top 5 Cheapest And Most Budget-Friendly Universities in Canada | Gradway

November 21, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Studying in Canada can be expensive. Where average tuition fees for a bachelor’s program is around 27,160 CAD, it is 16,500 CAD for the masters’. But this is just a mean value and there are many options to find affordable education in Canada. Here’s a list of affordable universities and colleges in Canada.

Cheapest Universities in Canada for Under-Graduates

Here’s the list of the top 5 cheapest universities for bachelors in Canada along with their annual tuition fees:

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador University– Also known as Memorial University, the annual tuition fee starts from as low as CAD 11,460.
  2. Dalhousie University– CAD 14,940 for popular courses.
  3. Canadian Mennonite University– Famed as University of Manitoba, the annual tuition fees start from CAD 15,800.
  4. Brandon University– Located in Manitoba, fees start from CAD 18,000.
  5. Concordia University– The annual fees stand at CAD 19,812.

Note– There are cheaper universities that have annual fees as low as CAD 6,500 like Cape Breton University or the University of St. Boniface. But the lowest fee structure is limited to just the Humanities stream.

Cheapest Universities in Canada for Post-Graduates

Following is the list of cheapest universities for Post-graduates in Canada along with their annual tuition fees:

  1. University of Quebec– CAD 6,500
  2. University of British Columbia– CAD 7,000
  3. University of Newfoundland and Labrador– CAD 9,700
  4. McMaster University– CAD 10,000
  5. University of Victoria– CAD 10,800

Note– You’ll find PG courses in Canada as cheap as CAD 1,000 like Nipissing University. But such courses are niche like Kinesiology or PG in Sustainability in Cape Breton University for CAD 1,300.

Top-ranked Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

If you have been looking to enroll just in the best yet cheapest one, consider the University of British Columbia or McMaster University.

Are there any tuition-free universities in Canada?

Busting the myth here: there is no free study in Canada. Most of the students misunderstand the popular term ‘tuition-free universities’. It doesn’t mean that you can select a tuition-free college in Canada. You’ll have to earn it; by getting sponsored by a few listed scholarship programs of selected universities. Free education in Canada is completely merit-based. But even then, you’ll have to cover your living expenses yourself!

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